Fernandina: triangular shawl

This winter many people wears shawls as a scarf and I love it but I wouldn't buy one! So I started looking for patterns, but they were too complicated or I didn't like it or they wouldn't be good for the yarn I had. I wanted something easy and fast and after trying a few times with different needles, voilà! Fernandina was born.

About the name I have to say that all my patterns have names that have to do with the book Todo bajo el cielo from Matilde Asensi and this time I chose  Fernanda, who was a spanish girl from early 20th century and I pretty shure that she'd wear a shawl like this one. Fernanda wants her aunt to tell her Fernandina, not Fernanda, but the aunt finds this ridiculous.

  • 12mm. needles
  • 1 ball of artesanal acrylic from La Barcelana ( Each ball is approx. 200 gr and has approx. 200 metres.)

You have to be able to
  • Knit
  • Increase (I used kfb (knit front and back), but another method is OK)
  • Decrease (I used k2tog (teixir 2 punts junts), but another method is OK)

  • Easy

  • 8 sts x 11 rows = 10 x 10 cm. in garter stitch

  • CO: Cast on
  • M1: Make one (increase one stitch)
  • K: Knit (to the end of the row)
  • sts: stitches
  • BO: Bind off


CO 2 sts

Row 1:  M1, K (to the end of the row)
Row 2: K

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until work has 55 sts (or desired length). From here:

Row 1': K2tog, K
Row 2': K

Repeat rows 1' i 2' until work has 2 sts.


It can't be easier and faster to do!

There are different ways to war it:

On your shoulders

With a knot

Around your neck